Ftshist All-Inclusive Latex Mask Fetish Black Rubber Gas Mask Breathing Bag Set Breathing Control Equipment Cosplay Accessory

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Note: This page contains multiple items, which can be freely matched as needed.
(Masks with different colors of lenses ordered separately only include masks, not other accessories)

Additional Information

Face Mask: Silica gel - Black -Suitable for head circumference 50-60cm
Breathing Tube: Rubber - 1M - Black
Breathing Bag: Latex - 3L - Gray / Black
Breathing Bottle: Plastic -2L

Product Features

·Latex material, high gloss, high elasticity, all-inclusive design, strong sense of restraint, breathing control.

·40mm international universal interface, you can freely combine and use, lots of gameplay to meet all your ideas.

·1M long tube and 3L fetish latex breathing bag will give you a strong sense of pleasure every time you breathe.

·Mask can be replaced with lenses of different colors, and the opaque lens completely deprives the field of vision.